First Consultation Workshop (Update)

First Consultation Workshop on

"APHAEA harmonized Approaches in monitoring wildlife Population Health, And Ecology and Abundance”

EMIDA ERANet Project

[Open to all EWDA members and other professionals interested in wildlife disease surveillance and wildlife population monitoring]

When is the Consultation Workshop:

Thursday to Friday, 27.-28. June 2013

27. June 2013 14:00-18:45

28. June 2013 10:00-18:30

Where is the Consultation Workshop:

Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale della Lombardia e dell'Emilia Romagna (IZSLER)

Via Bianchi 7/9 - 25124 Brescia, Italy / Link: Location of the IZSLER


Please send an email to with the following required information:

  • Last Name, First Name
  • Professional Title
  • Affiliation/Institute (with Abbreviation)
  • Your Badge Name
  • Address: Street/Nr, Zip, City, Country
  • Would you like to give a lecture? Please let us know!

Abstracts / lectures / posters, etc. can be submitted via email.

Abstracts: 1 page / lectures: 15min plus discussion / posters: 70x100cm

Due to organizational reasons, the abstracts should be submitted until 14.06.2013!

Registration cancellations must be sent via email!

Due to the room capacity, only a maximum of 75 participants will be admitted!


Can be found here: Consultation Workshop Agenda (pdf document)

Overview of the Consultation Workshop:

  1. 2-day meeting devoted to “Harmonizing protocols for wildlife population and wildlife disease surveillance in Europe”
  2. Organized by APHAEA in collaboration with the IZSLER
  3. Interesting presentations with well-known speakers (everything else in the following days)
  4. Open poster sessions on wildlife disease and wildlife population monitoring
  5. Consultation Workshop open to all interested in wildlife diseases, wildlife populations, and surveillance, including members of the APHAEA consortium, APHAEA external partners, EWDA members and others

Any further information, please contact the local organizer:

Dr. Antonio Lavazza

Virology Department IZSLER

Tel.: +39 30 2290298 - Fax: +39 30 2290623 - Mobile phone: +39 335 1436655


Meeting’s Venue:

Plenary meeting: room “Gianluigi Gualandi” - Building N° 4, 2nd floor

Technical meeting: room “C” Building N° 4, 1st floor


There are two possible alternatives to enter in the Institute:

(1) Via Cremona 284: it is the “business entrance” and represents the direct way to reach the meeting room

(2) Via Bianchi 7/9: it is the “main entrance” for vehicles and employees and for  car parking

Practical information:

Brescia in situated in Lombardy, along the A4 highway from Milan (100 km) to Venice (176 km). In between Lake Iseo (23 km) and Lake Garda (23 km). Close to Verona (71 km) and Mantua (71 km)

Tourist information on  Brescia may be found at the following web addresses:

City travel (bus and metro) information:


Centro Pastorale Paolo VI ****

Via Calini Gezio, 30 - 25121 Brescia 

Tel.: +39 30 3773511 - Fax: +39 30 48229


Paolo VI is an accommodation facility in an old historical building in the city centre (20-30 minutes by walk to the IZSLER). It is suitable for those who want to spend more time in Brescia to visit the city.  

NH Brescia ****

Viale della Stazione 15 - 25122 Brescia 

Tel.: +39 30 44221 for booking +39 848390227 - Fax: +39 30 44224


This hotel is in the in front of the Railway Station. The Institute may be reached by walk (15-20 minutes) or using public transport (including MetroBs). Also the Brescia Centre is quite close. 

Novotel Brescia 2 ****

Via Pietro Nenni 22 - 25124 Brescia

Tel.: +39 30 2286811 - Fax: +39 30 2425959


This hotel is located in the business centre of Brescia, is very close to the Institute (5 minutes by walk), easily reached by the Railway Station (10 minutes walk or by MetroBS, Brescia 2 station) but little more far from the city centre.

AC Hotel ****

Via Giulio Quinto Stefana 3 - 25126 Brescia

Tel.: +39 30 2405511 - Fax: +39 30 2405512


This is a nice and new hotel but is much more far from the Institute. The railway station is 5-10 minutes walk and the city centre 20-30 minutes away.

Best Western Hotel Master ****

Via Luigi Apollonio 72 - 25124 Brescia 

Tel.: +39 30 399037 - Fax: +39 30 3991337


This is a nice and recently renewed hotel very close to the city center. It is much far from the Institute but quite close to MetroBS station.

UNA Hotel Brescia ****

Viale Europa, 45 - 25133 Brescia 

Tel.: +39 30 2018011 - Fax: +39 30 2009741


This hotel is in University area, north of the City but is very close to the MetroBS station Mompiano from where the city centre and the ISLER may be easily reached.

How to reach Brescia from the Airports

Brescia is served by 4 International Airports: (1)Milan Malpensa (130 km), (2)Milan Linate (90 km), (3)Milan/Bergamo Orio al Serio (52 km), (4)Verona Villafranca (63 km).

From Milan by train

Milan is around 100 km far from Brescia, which is along the train route to Venice. It takes around 45-60 minutes (according to the type of train and number of stops) to go from Milan Central Railway Station to Brescia. There are several trains along the day (at least a couple/hour); please see the time table at:

From the Railway station to the IZSLER by public transport

To reach the IZSLER from the Railway Station you can take the underground MetroBS and stop at any of the three station (Brescia2, Lamarmora or Volta): the Institute is distant five minutes by walk.

From Milan Airport (Malpensa)

For those who will arrive at Milan “Malpensa” Airport it will be a bit longer to come to Brescia, In fact this Airport is in the north western part of Lombardy, 50km far from Milan: from there it is possible to reach or by train or by bus the Milan Central Railway Station (45-60 min according to the traffic). For more information:

From Milan Airport (Linate)

For those who will arrive at Milan “Linate” Airport (very close to the city) it is possible to go to the Milan Central Railway Station using an urban bus (it takes 10-15 min) or by taxi. There are also the possibility to reach Brescia by bus. For more information:

From Milan/Bergamo Airport (Orio Al Serio)

For those who will arrive at Milan/Bergamo “Orio al Serio” Airport (all Ryanair flights arrive here, but also many others low cost companies) there is a bus which directly links the Airport (35 min) to the Brescia Bus Station which is close to the Brescia Railway Station. For more information:

From Verona “Catullo” Airport

Verona is on the east side of Brescia. From Verona “Catullo” Airport there is a bus to go to Verona Railway Station and from here it is possible to get a train to come to Brescia (60 km = 20-30 min). The route is again the Milan-Venice but the direction is the opposite. For more information:

How to reach the Institute from the RAILWAY STATION by walking 

Attention! You have to take the tunnel towards the back exit!

How to reach the Institute BY CAR

From the Highway (A4 - MI-BS-VE)

  1. Exit “Brescia Centro”
  2. Follow direction “City Centre” 
  3. Turn left in Via  Borgosatollo 
  4. At the roundabout go straight to Via Volta for 1,5 km
  5. Just after passing the Railway cross you will see the Institute on your left and the Via  Cremona entrance.
  6. To go to Main entrance (parking area) turn left (U shape) in via Bianchi 

From “Tangenziale Sud” (External ring road)

  1. Exit “City Centre -  via San Zeno”
  2. Go straight on via San Zeno
  3. After having passed the roundabout in correspondence with via Lamarmora (rif. Centrale del Latte) go straight for 200m 
  4. Turn rigth (rif. Caserma dei Carabinieri) in via Bianchi (main entrance  and parking area)
  5. At the end of via Bianchi turn right in via Cremona (business entrance)

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