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ENETWILD-consortium,Pascual R, Acevedo P, Apollonio M, Blanco-Aguiar JA, Body G, Casaer J, Ferroglio E, GomezMolina A, Illanas S, Jansen P, Keuling O, Palencia P, Plis K, Podgórski T,RuizRodriguez C,Scandura M, Smith GC, Vada R, Zanet S and Vicente J.

Report of the 2nd Annual General Meeting of ENETWILD 5-6th October 2021 (


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Kathrin Jeske ,  Herbert Tomaso , Christian Imholt ,  Jana Schulz ,Olivia Beerli ,  Josef Suchomel ,  Marta Heroldova ,  Jens Jacob , Christoph Staubach Rainer G. Ulrich1

Detection of Francisella tularensis in three vole species in Central Europe (Download here!)


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ENETWILD consortium, Oliver Keuling, Marie Sange, Pelayo Acevedo, Tomasz Podgorski, Graham Smith, Massimo Scandura, Marco Apollonio, Ezio Ferroglio and Joaquín Vicente

Guidance on estimation of wild boar population abundance and density: methods, challenges, possibilities (Download here!)


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Jana Sonnenburg* , Marie-Pierre Ryser-Degiorgis, Thijs Kuiken, Ezio Ferroglio, Rainer G. Ulrich,
Franz J. Conraths, Christian Gortázar, Christoph Staubach and APHAEA project partners 

Harmonizing methods for wildlife abundance estimation and pathogen detection in Europe—a questionnaire survey on three selected host-pathogen combinations  (Download here!)


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Chiari M., Ferrari N., Bertoletti M., Avisani D., Cerioli M., Zanoni M., Alborali L.G., Lanfranchi P., Lelli D., Martin A.M., Lavazza A. 

Long-Term Surveillance of Aujeszky's Disease in the Alpine Wild Boar (Sus scrofa) (Download here!)

Haas, C., Rossi, S., Meier, R., Ryser-Degiorgis, M-P.

Evaluation of a Commercial ELISA for the Detection of Antibodies to Sarcoptes scabiei in Wild Boar (Sus scrofa) (Download here!)

Olivia Beerli, Sohvi Blatter, Mariana Boadella, Janne Schöning, Sarah Schmitt, Marie-Pierre Ryser-Degiorgis 

Towards harmonised procedures in wildlife epidemiological investigations: A serosurvey of infection with Mycobacterium bovis and closely related agents in wild boar (Sus scrofa) in Switzerland  (Download here!)

Roman Kaspar Meier, Francisco Ruiz-Fons, Marie-Pierre Ryser-Degiorgis

A picture of trends in Aujeszky’s disease virus exposure in wild boar in the Swiss
and European contexts (Download here!)


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