How can we keep ourselves and our environment healthy? That is the challenge facing government authorities at all levels, from the local to the international. The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) conducts research and provides advice to assist them in this task.

RIVM works to prevent and control outbreaks of infectious diseases. We promote public health and consumer safety, and we help to protect the quality of the environment. RIVM collects and collates knowledge and information from various sources, both national and international. We apply this knowledge ourselves, and we place it at the disposal of policy-makers, researchers, regulatory authorities and the general public. Each year, RIVM produces numerous reports on all aspects of public health, nutrition and diet, health care, disaster management, nature and the environment.

Agendas - Satellite Symposium and Final Workshop

The Agendas for the Satellite Symposium "Geographical coordination of wildlife health surveillance" and APHAEA Final Consultation Workshop are now avaiable here or at the corresponding websites.

Keynote Speakers - Satellite Symposium and Final Consultation Workshop

We are happy to announce that four interesting and varied keynote speakers representing their fields of expertise at the upcoming Satellite Symposium "Geographical coordination of wildlife health surveillance" in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Dr. Gervelmeyer and Dr. Karesh will participate at the APHAEA Final Consultation Workshop.


Artemis is an independent research institute established in the Netherlands, dedicated to conducting world-class basic and applied research on wildlife health and to providing independent expert opinions and knowledge on issues relevant to improving wildlife health and biodiversity of wildlife species in Europe. To this purpose it provides scientists from all over Europe access to state-of-the-art research facilities and expert knowledge.

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